1. Go to WP Admin > Plugins > Add new and search for WPBLOX.
  2. Find the WPBLOX | COMPARE PLANS plugin and click Install.
  3. Wait until the installation completes and then click Activate.


  1. Download the plugin using the link in the email you received immediately following the purchase on the website.
  2. Navigate to WP Admin > Plugins Add New and to manually upload / install the premium plugin.
  3. Click Upload Plugin button at the top of the page and then Choose file.
  4. Select the plugin file you just downloaded to your computer. After you have selected the file, click Install now
  5. The plugin will be uploaded and installed and you will see a success message. Finally click Activate plugin to finish the installation.


  1. Create a new post / page or choose an existing one.
  2. In edit mode, add a new Compare plans block by clicking to add a new block from the Widgets section.
  3. Select the block to activate the block’s editor in the right panel.
  4. To be able to compare plans (or prices, products, services, editions etc.) you must first add features. Expand the Manage features panel and click Launch editor to start editing features.
  5. Features must be grouped in capabilities so click to Add capability e.g. Collaboration.
  6. Then add one or more features e.g. Video conferencing and Instant messaging. Changes you make are remembered instantly (but you still must save the page to save the configuration).
  7. Continue adding capabilities and features until you have described all features of all your collective plans.
  8. Once you finished adding all features, continue adding the various plans by expanding the Managed plans panel and click + Add plan.
  9. A new empty plan will be created with a random name. Click the Pencil button to start editing the plan.
  10. Add a Title, Subtitle, Name, Price, Number of Decimals, Currency, Recurrence, Call-to-action and Description.
  11. Last but not least, at the bottom of each plan, you can simply check all features that apply for the plan you are currently editing.
  12. Click Save to finalize the plan.

Change appearance

Optionally you can choose to change the default configuration of the Compare plans block when you expand the Manage appearance.

  • Add a title that appears above the table. If left empty, it will be omitted.
  • Add a subtitle that appears above the table. If left empty, it will be omitted.
  • Change the number of visible columns (default 3).
  • Update the number of visible columns on a small screen (when the available screen width is less than 768px).
  • Choose to leave a group of features (capability) expanded when the user clicks to open another capability.
  • Repeat the call-to-action row at the bottom of the table.
  • Hide the Powered by WPBLOX.com notice at the bottom of the table.


You can copy the JSON representation of the block’s configuration incl. Features, Plans and Appearance. This way you can create a backup of the configuration that you can re-use on other pages. It also allows you to edit the configuration directly (at your own risk).